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oxylifelogoOxyLife believes that when it comes to your body you should have options available and the information to explain what those options are and how they can be a benefit to you. We are a company made up of health conscious individuals who know what it’s like to experiment with fad diets and try every new product on the market to lose weight. Like you, we are fed up with insufficient and sometimes fraudulent information about diet and nutrition supplements and programs.

OxyLife is a company that wants to change the way that the health and fitness industry operates. We believe in providing every piece of information possible about every product we carry, including testimonials from those who have used them in the past. In addition to that, we want your input when you try one of our supplements for diet, nutrition, or relief from pain or discomfort. Our door is always open for suggestions and our clients want to hear what you have to say.

This open dialogue between manufacturers and consumers is what builds trust in an area that is more important than anything else in your life: your health. We carry only OxyLife products which have a proven track record of success and an impeccable reputation. We hear all of our clients’ views and opinions and we publish them indiscriminately because we want OxyLife to be as much about nutritional information as it is about diet and nutrition supplements. We are, as it says in our logo, the next generation of dietary supplements.

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Good Manufacturing Practices

gmpasealGood Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) refer to establishing manufacturing procedures, documenting and following these procedures, the training of operators to follow these procedures, and processes for the investigation and corrective actions following deviations from these procedures. The purpose is to ensure the products are manufactured safely and that quality is assured.

For many products, GMPs are established by regulatory authority. For example in the U.S., pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and foods each have their own GMPs (called cGMPs – c is for current) that are established by the FDA. In addition, the FDA has recently established cGMPs for dietary supplements, and these are being phased in over three years, with a final completion date of December 2009.

The FDA expects manufacturers of dietary supplements to comply with cGMPs. The FDA does not certify companies to be in compliance with the cGMPs. Instead, when the FDA inspects a manufacturing facility, it will issue “observations” which in fact identifies deficiencies, whereby the manufacturer will need to correct these deficiencies. No certification is issued.